An Introduction

The British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) is a science-based, charitable body that provides information, expertise and guidance in the recognition, control and management of workplace health risks.


BOHS was founded in 1953: it is the only professional society representing qualified occupational hygienists in the UK, and has over 1800 members in 57countries. BOHS is the only occupational hygiene organisation to be awarded a Royal Charter: this was granted in April 2013 in recognition of BOHS’ unique and pre-eminent role as the leading authority in occupational disease prevention.

At Cirrus we employ fully qualified occupational hygienists that lead our monitoring team, offering sound advice and guidance to a wide range of clients.

We also have several team members that are currently undergoing training with BOHS affiliated training providers.

We encourage continuous professional development for all of our personnel and use our membership of BOHS to keep up to date with new monitoring techniques, legislation and campaigns.

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