Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd has considerable experience in the field of air quality monitoring and assessment.

Our staff are qualified to undertake COSHH compliance monitoring and assessment, and are able to provide the following services:



of employee exposure to airborne contaminants


of ambient levels of airborne contaminants


hot spots and assessing significant sources of contaminants


of potential risk to human health


of efficiency of engineering (local exhaust ventilation) and process control measures


of specific air quality issues or concerns



Air Quality Assessment

Monitoring of Airborne Hazardous Substances

All hazardous substances must be assessed for risk to human health.

Monitoring of airborne substances is required where:

  1. there could be serious risk to health if control measures failed or deteriorated
  2. exposure limits may be exceeded
  3. control measures might not be working efficiently



Assessing the Level of Compliance

Using a combination of traditional analytical and real-time instrumental monitoring techniques, we are able to compare personal exposures with both long and short-term exposure limits as specified in HSE, ACGHIH, OSHA, NIOSH publications.

From this we can assess the level of compliance with COSHH. Our state of the art equipment allows us to measure:

total inhalable, thoracic and respirable dust

DEEE’s (diesel engine exhaust emissions)

lead or other heavy metals

respirable fibre

acid mists

combustion gases

explosive gases

organic vapours

bacterial loading (airborne microbes)

Our interpretive reports not only discuss the findings from monitoring and thorough site observations, but give full recommendations on remedial actions where required. Should we encounter any air quality issues on site, we are confident that we can offer a sensible and practical solution, every time.