Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd is able to assist our clients in complying with the requirement of statutory periodic examination and testing by undertaking thorough assessment of LEV



Visual inspection of the system in order to determine physical condition


Measurement of flow rates, air velocities and pressure to determine the dynamic performance of the system


Provision of an accurate assessment of the level of control exercised over airborne contaminants


Observation of operators and working procedures to ensure that they are using control measures correctly


Smoke tests and determination of spray booth clearance times


We can evaluate the overall level of control of contaminants in the workplace by comparing our findings to published minimum standards criteria (HSE) and commissioning data if available.



Smoke Clearance Test

Local Exhaust Ventilation Assessment (LEV)

LEV is the engineering means of reducing levels of airborne hazardous substances in the workplace atmosphere.

Its aim is to reduce the contaminant at source by collection, and to convey the contaminant to a point where it is either removed from the system or discharged to the atmosphere.



Transport Velocity

Appraisals and Commissioning

In addition to the above services, Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd are able to conduct full appraisals and commissioning of newly installed LEV.

Our interpretive reports not only discuss the findings from monitoring and thorough site observations, but give full recommendations on remedial actions where required. Should we encounter any air quality issues on site, we are confident that we can offer a sensible and practical solution, every time.