Hand Arm Vibration (HAV)

Hand Arm Vibration is vibration transmitted from work processes into worker’s hands and arms.

It can be caused by operating hand held power tools and hand-guided machinery, or by holding materials being processed by machines. Regular and frequent exposure to hand arm vibration can lead to permanent health effects such as carpel tunnel syndrome. Long term effects can severely limit the jobs a person can do, due to intense pain, reduced grip strength or an inability to do fine work, particularly in cold or damp conditions.



The Control of Vibration At Work Regulations 2005

The Regulations require that every employer must assess the vibration risks to their employees and determine whether they are likely to be exposed above the daily exposure action value (EAV).

For tools or processes that are used / in operation infrequently, a visual inspection and assessment of risk may suffice. For all other cases, it is recommended that physical measurements are collected for a more detailed exposure assessment.



Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd is able to conduct measurements in order to obtain greater certainty on exposure levels.

Equipment of concern includes:

  • Hand held and pedestal grinders
  • Jigsaws
  • Nail guns
  • Polishers and sanders
  • Pneumatic wrenches
  • Power hammers and chisels

Our experienced and qualified staff use state of the art equipment to determine personal exposure to hand arm vibration. As results can be variable, we take into account the operator’s technique, the condition of the equipment, materials being processed, environmental conditions etc. Inspection of working processes and test results allow us to evaluate how effective current control measures are, whilst assessing the risk of harm to human health. We are able to advise the client in risk reduction and control measures. Our action plans will list alternative work methods, and provide guidance on the selection of appropriate protective equipment, a policy for replacing equipment, work and maintenance schedules and design of workstations.

As a client and an employer, your employees are your most valuable asset. They are fundamental to the success of your business and as such you must take action to safeguard their health.