Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration is shaking or jolting of the human body through a supporting surface, usually a seat or the floor.

Personnel most at risk include those using construction, mining and quarrying machines and vehicles, or tractors and other agricultural and forestry machinery. There may be increased risk for road transport drivers if vehicle suspension, or seating, is damaged, or the vehicles are driven either off road or over poor surfaces. Driving too fast over cracked or uneven roads could lead to higher exposures. Exposure to whole body vibration is unlikely on its own to cause back pain. It can however aggravate a back problem caused by another activity.



The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005

The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations requires the employer to assess the vibration risk to employees and determine whether they are likely to be exposed above the daily exposure action value (EAV).



Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd is able to conduct measurements in order to obtain greater certainty on exposure levels.

In addition, measurements may be collected to avoid inadvertently instructing an operator with back problems to use equipment that poses a greater vibration risk. Our technical reports can assist the client in ensuring equipment is suitable for the task in terms of design and condition, assessing suitability of traffic routes, setting maintenance frequencies, (e.g. intervals for changing solid tyres on forklifts) and assessing operator competence, safety and behaviour during use of equipment. Vehicles that may be tested and assessed include:

  • Forklift trucks
  • Pallet trucks
  • Electric work platforms (e.g. cherry pickers, scissor lifts)
  • HGVs
  • Four wheel drive vehicles
  • Tractors and other agricultural machinery
  • Seated petrol lawn mowers
  • Construction site and quarrying vehicles, e.g. cement mixers, dumper trucks

In addition to the physical testing, our assessment includes visual inspection of equipment, and observation of working practices and environmental conditions. Our experienced and qualified staff use state of the art equipment to determine personal exposure to whole body vibration. We are able to advise the client in risk reduction and control measures and in doing so reduce the likelihood of lost time due to back pain, and minimise the potential for personal injury claims.